How We Can Help

You had an accident?

As if dealing with the aftermath of the accident is not enough, you now must navigate your way through a confusing and difficult claim process and piles of paperwork, in order to receive the proper medical treatment to achieve the fastest recovery possible.

Your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover any Physiotherapeutic or Psychological treatment. Depending on the severity of your injuries, medical treatments can be very costly. Often, quick access to the appropriate medical treatment can be a significant factor in the recovery process. Our Adesse Legal Services legal professionals fight daily to get you the necessary funding for treatment from the insurance company, so that you can cover all of your medical expenses and obtain any necessary future treatments.

We provide free one-hour consultations and would be happy to discuss your options with you (416) 479-8249.

Elena Roizen, Licensed Paralegal

We’ve Got an Edge

“The one who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the one who is doing it.”

You Are the Decision Maker

At first, we will ensure that you understand all of the options available to you and the difficulties and likelihood of success under each option. Ultimately, once you are armed with all of the facts, the decision as to which course of action to take is yours and we handle the claim entirely on your behalf, while you remain the decision maker.

Regular Client Communication

We believe that the key to a successful claim, and to maximizing the settlement, is regular communication with our clients. We work together with our clients to make sure that they understand the legal process of their claim, and together, we strive to achieve outstanding results. We will ensure that we communicate in a manner that is most convenient for you, whether that be by phone, mail, email, text or online.

We provide free one-hour consultations and would be happy to discuss your options with you (416) 479-8249