Motor Vehicle Accidents

Claim Process

Everyone who is involved in a car accident in Ontario is entitled to benefits for loss of income and medical/rehabilitation benefits, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Many assume that car accident claims are simple. However, the claim process can be very complex and requires a lot of in-depth knowledge to ensure that the benefits received are maximized. Knowing the procedure and understanding the relevant laws are crucial for getting the best available results for people who have suffered physical and emotional injuries.

It is important to know that there are time limitations for reporting and filing the necessary paperwork with the insurance company. Failing to submit the appropriate forms with supporting medical documentation can jeopardize your entitlement to important benefits.


  1. Often, at the time of the accident. you may not feel that you have been injured, because the adrenaline is flowing and you are still in shock. However, you may experience pain later that day or the following day. If you feel like you have been injured, do not take chances; go to the nearest hospital or walk-in clinic;
  2. Notify your insurance company that you have been involved in a car accident and suffered injuries, within 24 hours of the collision;
  3. Make sure to follow up with your family physician and notify them that you were involved in a motor vehicle accident;
  4. Keep a copy of your medical records;
  5. If you are not able to return to school or work, notify them of your accident and injuries, as soon as possible;
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